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16 Responses to “Pride”

  1. green inside.

  2. Bici outside 😀 ~ that’s me
    Lovely all the way ~ that’s her… :*

  3. tell me something new

  4. Nothing new, hon! Toate-s vechi si noua toate.

  5. i bet there are 15.

  6. No, not really… and who’s counting, anyway?

  7. i am. este util pentru memorie. si distractiv pentru restul proceselor cognitive.

  8. I’m not… not anymore… si memoria & co. o sa ti le rezolve facultatea cat de curand… >:)

  9. yes you are. people don’t change, they might just take a break.

  10. Some people change… or at least they try to.

  11. you sound like a peds surgeon. too optimistic.

  12. While I’m trying to be an ortho surgeon… I ain’t no Arizona! Not Callie either, but hey… De fapt eu nu ma identific cu nimeni din Grey’s… Cu the Nazi, poate…

  13. eu nu te identificam cu nimeni. vorbeam la modul general. chelu-si pune mana-n cap:D…

  14. Te intinzi, puiule… Topic closed!

  15. e o tzara libera. nu si blogul tau dar limba[nr. tastatura ] mea este. so,here, closed.

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